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18 March 2007 @ 11:42 pm
I’m really bored, so I’m writing up the superskillz weekend, because it was a FREAKING AWESOME WEEKEND.

November 25th 2006: So, Burner, Sally and I decided that we were gonna hit up the Dwayne Roloson signing just for kicks at United Cycle. Burner came and picked me up in her giant blue SUV car when I probably coulda just walked over to her house since she’s across the street, haha. We navigated our way into Millwoods on a mission to find our pal Sal. We couldn’t find it, we knew we were in the area, so I decided to call Sal. She said she’d go wait at the school nearby, so we got there a minute later, and there she was. Damn girl is fast.

Anyway, we headed back to the south side and to United Cycle. We got in and there was a huge lineup. We were 74th, 75th and 76th in line. We had the great misfortune of standing near a pathway thing and everyone kept bumping into us wanting to get through. One guy smelled really, REALLY bad. Someone also decided they really loved Burners shoulder and took it upon themselves to keep touching it. Finally, things were getting underway and some staff member said that Roli said that his knee is fine, and something else totally irrelevant. The line moved pretty quick, which I thought was odd, but one I got up there, I understood why. When you got up there, the staff member grabbed what you wanted signed, shoved it in front of Roli, and then another one grabbed it and shoved it back to you. All I got to say was “thank you” to which he replied “you’re welcome” So classy that Roli fellow.

Since we were done earlier than we had anticipated, we decided we’d hit up the Bell store at South Common for the Storres signing. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there, because I hadn’t heard much about it anywhere. I was right. Like idiots, none of us decided to bring our cameras. Why? I have NO clue. Big time regret, though. So we get in and there’s one guy getting Raffi to sign 16 million 8x10s, and Raf looked a little upset about that. Anyway, I had my calendar there to get signed, so I handed it to Stoll. He smiled, then looked at the picture. He said “Man, this is really new” and I said “yep, it’s got current roster members on there” So he inked it, and then flipped through it. Coincidentally, Raffi’s month was right after his, so he moved it to Raffi, and they discussed it for a couple of seconds. I said thanks to Stoll and then Raffi signed my calendar. He looked pissed off and hung over. Not so pleasant. I said thanks, he nodded and we left. That was essentially it. I went home and tried to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening. It was around that time that work switched me to nights, so I was used to sleeping when we were out and about and used to work 9pm-5am, or 10pm/6am. I was friggin’ tired. I think I got a grand total of two hours of sleep on Saturday morning (technically). Got home from work at 6 in the morning, got up at 8 for reasons unknown to me and never really went to sleep.

November 26th, 2006: Superskillz! Not gonna lie, I was pretty pumped. Probably because the year prior, I didn’t get to go because the people I was supposed to go with bailed on me last minute. Assholes. AND! Jaime was coming from Lloyd for it. Again, for reasons unknown to me, I only got about an hour and a half of sleep, so I was running on maybe three hours of sleep for that whole weekend. Anyway, Burner and her husband came and picked me up again, and we went to get Sal…we knew where she lived this time! So we booked it to Rexall to get there before the doors opened. We waitied for a bit, Pam got there before we did, so she ran and got our seats. We got there and saved seats for Chelsea and her pal who showed up later. I was waiting eagerly for Jaime to call me and let me know she was here. In the mean time, I ran around looking at all the stuff goin’ down and grabbed some posters.

Soon after, Jaime called me and told me she was inside an entrance, but she didn’t know which one. So I ran to the north side and saw her on her phone. Haha “Wait a second…I think I see you…turn to your left….HAY!” We booked it to our seats and Jaime got re-introduced to everyone and we chatted and waited. Jaime and I decided to get food, which was ridiculously overpriced, but we were starving so it was worth it.

Anyway, superskillz started and we felt like a bunch of doofuses, but that’s alright. My boy Matt Greene owned. True story. He was joking it up all afternoon with everyone. Roli’s boys are SO cute. It was your typical skills competition…the real excitement was afterwards.

Afterwards, we had time to kill so we headed over to Safeway to buy batteries for our rapidly dying digital cameras. Jaime and I are cool like that. Afterwards, we went to the KFC and Mr. and Mrs. Burner ate while we chatted it up about Superskillz/Roli signing/Storres signing. It was good times. We still had like…an hour to kill so we decided to head over to Axe so Mr. Burner could look around. Us ladies stayed put in the warm car and talked about everything. It was great. After coming back a half an hour later than he said he would be (not like we had a problem), we headed back to Rexall for the Skate with the Oilers. I got the hookup and managed to get tickets. It was AWESOME. You get to eat hot dogs, drink pop/water, walk around Rexall, skate on the ice, do anything.

Mr. Burner dropped us off and booked it back so he could get his skates. Us ladies didn’t really care for skating since not all of us had skates, so we did our own thing while Nash skated it up on Rexall ice. We signed up for the catwalk tour, and to kill time before the two players got there and cause it would be cool. We walked and almost fell on our asses numerous times and sat in the penalty box. Then mr. event staff came and told us a safer route to go. He thanked him and took that way the next time hahahaha. The catwalk tour was awesome. We went up a bajillion stairs and got to go up into the pressboxes and walk around the whole thing. Got to see where Rod Philips calls the game, where the video review room is, everything up there. They had articles from newspapers, boxscores as they happened, and a sheet where the Oilers were practicing and at what times and where. It was awesome. Got to see the banners up close, too. Many pictures were taken. Afterwards we went down and walked all around Rexall. We went into the referee’s room - which REEKED of feet and grossness. It was horrible. We made our way around to the dressing room doors, and then even farther down to the visitors dressing room. Sat around, contemplated leaving a note for Prongs on the whiteboard (“plz come back we still love you. Kthx), but decided it probably would have gotten erased so we didn’t.

After that we waited in the stands and got Nash to tell us who the players were. Winchester and Reasoner. So we booked it back onto the ice and stood in line for the two. Jaime did amazingly well. She didn’t start raping him. I was so proud. Anyway, I was first in line, and I talked to the lady in front of us about the day and the boys and her kids, haha. It was lovely. I got up to Brad, he was amazingly nice. Here’s our wonderful conversation in which I make myself look like the biggest idiot ever without realizing it.
Winny: He, how’re ya doin?
Dani: I’m alright, tired though.
Winny: Tired? How come?
Dani: Well, I’ve had a couple of real late nights lately…
Winny: Late nights, hey? *big grin*
Dani: Yyyyeah….
Winny: Well, I hope you get some rest soon…
Dani: Me too…would you mind if I took a picture with you?
Winny: Sure…where are we lookin?
Dani: I’m not sure….thanks!
Winny: You’re welcome *smiles*

Yeah. Late nights. Way to go me. Great way of putting it, heh. Next up was Marty who is FREAKING ADOREABLE. Didn’t talk as much with him, but he was very sweet. After everyone had gotten their pictures taken and their autographs, some of our group wanted a player card thingy/a picture but were too afraid to ask. So, I took it upon myself to ask Brad, and made a tool out of myself AGAIN. He was signing and autograph for this kid, and I thought he was done cause the kid moved out of the way, so I said “Hi again, we were just…oh” and I stopped myself because he was going to take a picture with the kid. We both laughed, and then after he was done, I apologized and asked if we could take a picture with him and get some player cards. I called them wimps, heh. He had no problem with it, so we got it done. The picture is silly, but meh, he was really nice about it.

Then we went home and I stayed up til 6am and then crashed hard. FREAKING AWESOME WEEKEND!

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02 March 2007 @ 03:13 pm
yay for gifness....I miss Prongs.. A LOT 

^ The pregame ritual...Moreau and Prongs smack each other like five times with their sticks...Stevie leaps into Smyth's arms LOL.

Joey love :)

^ Ulanov, Tarnstrom, and Harvey celebrating Pisani's SHOT (short handed over time) winner.

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25 February 2007 @ 08:56 pm
Pretty much..this is an outlet for ranting....and posting links to uploaded videos...and probably pictures for anyone who comes across this..

Nothing special, really. I have a personal site for that ;)

With that said...with the 100s of pictures of Oilers I've gathered over the past couple years...these two are definately are a couple of favourites. Captured from the 'You're in Oil Country' DVD.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us